7 good reasons
to join us!

1. Be involved

Welcome to a challenging, rewarding group of companies. ”
Antoine Benabides

GROUPE ECIA has its own DNA that cannot be mistaken: unlimited energy, enthusiasm and professionalism to build technical capacity. When you join GROUPE ECIA, you join a team of extremely diverse professionals, all driven by excellence and whose widely recognized expertise is dedicated to customer satisfaction. We do our best to attract and retain talented candidates from a variety of different backgrounds.

2. Be considered

Here, all our employees define our shared values. ”
Céline F.

The basis of our values lies in collaborative work. Our HR policy is derived from this. Our values are the foundations of our organisation; they guide our activities and our reactions. The Management is committed to keeping them alive so that our employees embody them in their everyday work.

3. Be yourself

Not just skills; personalities.
Mélissa V.

Our code of ethics is based on the Group’s values and on a set of principles and moral rules such as non-discrimination, objectiveness and a benevolent attitude in general. This is what guides GROUPE ECIA and its subsidiary companies when new recruits join them bringing skills and a wealth and variety of backgrounds that contribute to the excellence of our achievements on the ground.

4. Be part of the team

Being made part of the team: a key stage in my career.  ”
Guillaume G.

GROUPE ECIA and all its subsidiary companies advocate good relationships between people and are always active to ensure that new recruits feel part of the team.
There are three stages in the integration of a new recruit.
Before the beginning of an employment agreement, all the Group employees are informed so that the new recruit is really expected and welcomed.

On their first day at work, all new recruits attend a set curriculum to get to know the history, the organisation, the values and the business of the Group.
Obviously, the Human Resources Department is the ideal point of contact.

We use a kind of mentoring system to facilitate integration.
Later on, we co-assess personal integration, evolution and future career within the Group.

5. Be a real player

My job is full of opportunities. ”
Boris M.

By keeping track of the individual careers of our employees, GROUPE ECIA and its subsidiary companies give each person the chance to enhance their skills and qualities.

We want our employees to be at the forefront of best practices in their field of expertise. That is why we offer them opportunities to progress in their careers, maintaining their employability and developing new skills.

In an environment of profound change, we adjust their skills to corporate needs by using special support tools to make our joint projects a success.

We meet the professional and personal aspirations of our staff by allowing them to develop and enrich their skills in different areas of activity and environments. That is how we develop Group culture by facilitating the transfer of know-how and the exchange of expertise and skills.

6. Be trained

I deserve the best in training. ”
Alexandre L.

With a budget that is significantly higher than the legal minimum budget, GROUPE ECIA and its subsidiaries attach particular importance to training.
A factor in the evolution and retention of employees, training is a major challenge for all our staff.

Our training policy is energetic and ambitious. It fulfils 3 criteria:
- Maintaining the skills level at its highest in technical terms,
- Acquiring new skills for greater versatility and evolution,
- Delivering personal enrichment.

7. Be an accomplished manager

Management based on initiative and the ability to work independently. ”
Ali E.

Our Group believes in close line management so that people can express their capacities and so that their needs are fully understood as well as allowing the management to detect talent.

Our management model guarantees that achievements, performances and skills get recognition and, above all, it encourages accountability, initiative and self-driven team work.

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