Alliance and shared efficiency

Mutual efforts between entities. Mutual goals shared among staff and with our customers. Joint achievements.

Intergenerational cohesion

Older staff transfer know-how to younger staff.

Entertaining cohesion

Enjoying conviviality and dialogue at each event.


Innovative vitality

Constant evolution of tools and methods.

Responsive vitality

Proactive organisation thanks to proximity with other staff and with clients.

Anticipative vitality

Continuous analysis of our positioning vis-à- vis the economy.


Commitment to customers

Seeking lasting, systematic customer satisfaction.

Collaborative commitment

Mutual and reciprocal altruism among all the players in the Group. Permanent team spirit.

Responsible, sustainable commitment

Strong involvement in internal and external social and environmental actions.


Organisational innovation

Optimised work methods thanks to the development of high-efficiency tools.

Operational innovation

Engagement in activities demanding the utmost in technological and economic competitiveness.

Collaborative innovation

Thinktanks and brainstorming designed to stimulate the curiosity and creativity of our employees.

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