An engineering company, GROUPE ECIA is a major player in the field of risk management.
Specialist in utilities, in the nuclear businesses (via its three Energy, Dismantling and Major Projects departments) and in industry (via its Petrochemicals and Life Sciences department), GROUPE ECIA operates throughout the entire life cycle of your facilities (design, construction, operation, deconstruction).
Our studies ; advice and assistance support your industrial projects, while mastering regulatory requirements.
Ecia Academy Group, our training department, brings our development ambitions to the highest level of expertise in our businesses. Our operational excellence is based on our technical, technological and user innovations, for the benefit of our tools and processes.
GROUPE ECIA, our engineering at the heart of your performance!

As a warrant that we are customer-oriented, GROUPE ECIA is structured around four business units :

  • The Energy BU
  • The Petrochimical and Life Sciences BU
  • The Major Projects BU
  • The Dismantling BU

Controlling facilities and optimizing your performances, even in one-off configurations,

is just one of GROUPE ECIA’s areas of expertise !



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