GROUPE ECIA is a French limited liability company managed by its three co-founders and over the last ten years, its development has been impressive. Top of the class in nuclear ventilation engineering and partner to major industrials for many years now, our technical expertise and our credentials make GROUPE ECIA an accomplished industrial partner.

A consulting engineering company, GROUPE ECIA specialises in utility design and management in restricted high-hazard industrial segments where absolute safety is a must. Our technical expertise allows us to be involved at every stage in the life cycles of facilities in the areas of electricity, automatic control, fire safety systems, physical protection, ventilation, fluids, industrial effluent treatment and environmental strategy consulting. In addition to our technical expertise, we can rely on the GROUPE ECIA R&D unit to bring our customers methods and innovation that are fully compliant with all regulations and the ultimate in safety standards.

As a warrant that we are customer-oriented, GROUPE ECIA is structured around two business units:

  • The Energy BU
  • The Industry & Environment BU

Controlling facilities and optimizing your performances, even in one-off configurations, is just one of GROUPE ECIA’s areas of expertise!


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