Quality in a data base

“We inspected more than 1000 rooms and took 50 000 photos”

75 000 2D paper drawings, tons of technical literature acquired over the last 20 years, a mass of archives that were only partially updated at the CEA site at Marcoule... The staff of Christian Capdet, Task Manager at GROUPE ECIA’s Energy Business Unit, found themselves with a task worthy of the Labours of Hercules. The goal? Filing all the drawings referring to equipment that has disappeared and creating a data base that includes an assessment of the condition of the equipment. “On this sort of job, before you do anything else, you need a precise process, because we inspected over 1 000 rooms and took 50 000 photos... It took us 76 500 hours of work to create the data base,” explains Christian Capdet. That process steered the GROUPE ECIA staff through the job, starting off by meeting those who knew the facilities, in particular the engineering firms in charge of their construction. This gradually brought the number of drawings to be analysed to 21 000. By enriching it with quality data, the data base delivered allows Orano to update it in real time. As for GROUPE ECIA, it brought permanent employment for 4 people. Their experience will be able to enhance similar projects to come.

base de donnee qualitative

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