Optimizing energy in design engineering

a quoi ca sert

All industrial revolutions come with power revolutions. Despite electricity, its fairy godmother, the digital revolution is no exception. Yesterday power plants were built near rivers so that hydroelectric power-producing dams could be built and operated at the cheapest. Nowadays, it’s all self- sufficiency, cost control, modelling, purchase agreements, and so on. But what about tomorrow? Creating a blockchain means that the unused solar power from roof panels on a building can be delivered to a third party or be used instead of conventional power supplies to share the yield of a community-built plant within the same industrial estate. These prospects show how important it is to optimize energy in design engineering from the very earliest stages in the conceptual design process. According to AT2E (Association Technique Energie Environnement), buildings account for about 43% of end-user power consumption in France. For businesses, the savings are huge. But they only can achieve them!

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